How 5G can help the entire society and various industries to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve intelligent upgrades, has always been a problem facing the industry. With the continuous advancement of my country’s 5G construction and continuous integration into all walks of life, the value of 5G networks continues to expand. It is estimated that 80% of the future 5G growth will come from industry applications. There is no doubt that in the 5G era, applications are king, and the industry recognizes its huge prospects and potential. The industry is also constantly promoting the landing of 5G applications and tapping its potential. From November 19th to 21st, the China Mobile Partner Conference was held at the Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou. With the theme of “5G integration into all industries, digital intelligence leading the future”, the conference invited China Mobile partners to cover 8 major areas Exhibition of over 100 brands. We noticed that Intel, as one of China Mobile’s main partners, had many high-quality displays in the three major areas of products, 5G cloud network integration, and 5G innovative applications.




基于英特尔® OpenVINO™的人工智能计算

We focused on analyzing 5G innovative application cases. See how Intel exerts its strength in the field of 5G applications. 01 Artificial intelligence computing based on Intel® OpenVINO™ We all know that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the information society. How to combine artificial intelligence and 5G in various scenarios? For example, in somatosensory games, how to capture the movements of the human body, and how to intelligently adjust the frame of the game according to the network transmission status, so as to give users a better experience. Artificial intelligence computing based on heterogeneous reasoning accelerated by Intel® OpenVINO™ and Intel® Xeon® DL Boost is for this reason. In the exhibition hall, we saw that the high-definition camera captures the activities of the on-site personnel in real time, and instantly transforms them into human poses or body language that can be recognized by the machine, and then can be further processed to actively make intelligent actions on these actions or behaviors. response.

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In this process, Intel’s core provides key performance support: Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are designed for native hardware acceleration of AI loads; Intel’s ultra-low-power edge-side inference VPU; Intel’s OpenVINO software tool suite optimized for high-performance computer vision and deep learning applications. The OpenVINO tool suite includes Model Optimizer and Inference Engine. The model optimizer converts the given visual model into a standard IR (Intermediate Representation), optimizes it, and provides it to the inference engine for further processing. The Inference Engine supports the accelerated operation of deep learning models at the hardware instruction set level. It provides the Deep Learning Inference Suite (DLDT), which can deploy models trained on various open source frameworks online. In addition , Also includes the image processing toolkit OpenCV, and the video processing toolkit Media SDK. Thanks to the performance improvement brought by the built-in second-generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processor DL ​​Boost, OpenVINO can realize real-time deep learning and inference at the edge, and intelligently adjust it according to the network rate. In the case of high speeds, use ultra-clear images and high frame rates; when the speed drops, gradually reduce the picture clarity and frame rate, so that players can play cloud games smoothly.

OpenVINO supports deep learning on hardware accelerators of various Intel platforms and allows direct heterogeneous execution. OpenVINO is an open source package that can run on CPU, GPU, FPGA, VPU and other devices based on common API interfaces. General API can be provided to application developers to call flexibly, and can be widely used in various fields such as intelligent monitoring, cloud games, sports events, and medical rehabilitation. 02 5G Private Network + Edge Computing, Empowering Industrial Internet 2020 is the first year of 5G+ Industrial Internet. 5G provides a better wireless network guarantee for industrial interconnection data flow. Industrial Internet provides a large number of application scenarios for 5G.

The superimposed multiplication effect of 5G+ Industrial Internet starts to promote industrialization and informatization. Achieve integrated development in a wider range, deeper level and higher level. We know that Foxconn has a world-leading level in the field of industrial manufacturing, and it is also the company that most urgently needs smart industrial upgrades. This time, Fuwako Precision Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which showcased its industrial Internet products on the Intel booth, is a subsidiary of Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. At present, Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. has built a “lights-off factory” based on the industrial Internet platform. The “lights-off factory” refers to the autonomous operation of the production lines by robots, which can realize fully automated operations in the light-off state. The picture below is a CNC machine precision machining intelligent light-off factory located in Shenzhen Foxconn Longhua Science and Technology Park. This “no lights” factory can realize the complete production process from automatic feeding, parts processing, intelligent correction, automatic detection to intelligent logistics , Realize the unmanned factory.

In the “lights off factory”, even if the delay error is 0.1 second, it will cause major problems. It is precisely because edge computing can provide short-distance data transmission and rapid response that can give full play to the high bandwidth and low latency characteristics of 5G. According to the introduction, its independently developed and manufactured BBU, RHUB, RRU, 5GC, NMS and 5G DTU, of which BBU and 5GC are based on the Intel hardware platform, and 5GC and NMS run on the partner Red Hat’s Openshift container platform and RHEL operating system. To achieve the low latency and high reliability requirements of the Industrial Internet, 5G must be combined with edge computing capabilities. The 5G network will sink part of the core network functions to the edge and handle real-time requirements in the place closest to the factory, which can greatly reduce latency. And to save the bandwidth of the upper network, which requires strong computing power on the edge side.

The Intel core-based 5GC, using its powerful processing capabilities, is applied to the 5G end-to-end products of the Industrial Internet, which can perfectly handle UE access, mobility and session management, achieving high speed, high reliability, and low latency. , To meet the needs of industrial manufacturing. This system originated from industry and has been continuously tested and verified in Foxconn’s factory. It has been applied to Foxconn’s intelligent manufacturing global lighthouse factory, precision tool intelligent production line and park and production line intelligent robots. It is believed that it will continue to be used in a wide range of applications In the field of industrial manufacturing, promote the intelligent upgrading of my country’s manufacturing industry. 03 Autopilot scenario experiment Autonomous driving and the Internet of Vehicles are very important applications of 5G at present. This field has high requirements for safety and requires continuous testing and verification before it can be applied to the market. At the same time, when colleges and universities cultivate talents in autonomous driving, the demand for experimental scenarios is also very urgent. And the artificial intelligence-autonomous driving teaching solution based on Intel® technology displayed on the spot-composed of Intel® Core™ platform NUC, Movidius™ neural computing chip, OnpenVINO tool software, and multiple image acquisition devices to accelerate reasoning and deep learning Visual images improve the efficiency of visual data processing. The high-performance AI workstation completes data training to meet the teaching needs of machine vision, machine learning, model reasoning, human-computer interaction, etc., through the combination of theory and practice, learn the whole process of artificial intelligence realization, and improve students’ innovative thinking and AI practice ability. The teaching experiment allows students to master the principles of automatic driving and the knowledge points of artificial intelligence through the experience and operation of a series of artificial intelligence processes such as data collection, data cleaning, data labeling, model building, model training, model tuning, and model reasoning. Contains artificial intelligence knowledge points such as deep learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. It runs through the whole process of artificial intelligence realization and solves the application problems of automatic obstacle avoidance, traffic light recognition, sign recognition and emergency avoidance in autonomous driving. . 04 People VR VR is an important application under 5G large bandwidth. In recent years, it has been continuously optimizing user experience and seeking more application scenarios. This time Intel has brought a heavyweight application: “People VR+”. “People VR+” is a creative layout proposed by the “Satisfaction and Humor” newspaper under the People’s Daily. Beijing Lanting Digital Technology Co., Ltd. provides technical support, and China Mobile Group and other telecom operators serve as channels. It is based on Intel 5G edge cloud, virtual reality and augmented reality. A new type of communication platform based on technology is the latest product of the integration of communication media and high-tech. “People VR+” uses “party building” as the engine to gradually launch a series of products such as “People VR Cultural Tourism”, “People VR Science and Education”, “People VR Health”, “People VR Finance”, “People VR Exhibition”. For party members and the masses across the country, they only need to use the terminal equipment of “People VR+” to remotely visit all the party history museums, science and education museums, etc. across the country. The terminal device of “People VR+” is a lightweight wearable product, weighing only about 100g. We experienced this terminal product on the spot. After putting it on, we placed ourselves in the Party History Museum and wandered around the Party History Museum to watch the deeds of the revolutionary predecessors. The “People’s VR+” product includes high-definition display and rendering technology, and has a complete and flexible software architecture. It runs on the Intel Video Cloud Platform and gives full play to the advantages of the operator’s 5G network. Breaking through the restrictions of region, time, and number of users is even more valuable during the epidemic. 05 Broad prospects for 5G applications The current 5G network construction has entered a peak period. Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, announced at the 2020 China Mobile Global Partner Conference that China Mobile has opened 385,000 5G base stations, which exceeded the 5G construction target this year ahead of schedule. Provided 5G SA services for all prefectures and cities and some key counties across the country. In terms of 5G applications, we continue to innovate and create more than 50 characteristic services such as 5G messaging, ultra-high-definition video, video ring back tones, and land 5G smart ports, smart mines, smart projects, smart grids and other industry applications. With the empowerment of 5G networks and the joint efforts of the industry, 5G applications will continue to innovate and apply in the future. Operators are constantly advancing the landing of 5G applications, while Intel provides strong chip cores and powerful software and hardware platforms for 5G applications, promotes 5G applications to cover all walks of life, and promotes the progress of my country’s information society.

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