Greensboro, North Carolina, USA – September 17, 2020-Qorvo®, Inc. (NASDAQ: QRVO), a leading provider of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace, and defense applications Announced the launch of a high-performance n41 sub-band 5G bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter suitable for applications such as base station infrastructure, small base stations and repeaters. Qorvo’s latest BAW filter combines the characteristics of low insertion loss and excellent out-of-band suppression in a compact size. The product is available now to support the rapid deployment of global 5G infrastructure. The Qorvo QPQ1298 filter can provide the higher frequency and bandwidth required for 5G high data capacity in rural areas, suburbs and densely populated urban areas. It covers frequencies from 2.515 to 2.674 GHz and has a near-band attenuation greater than 45 dB, which can meet the demanding Wi-Fi coexistence requirements. QPQ1298 adopts compact 2 x 1.6 mm package, easy to assemble. Roger Hall, general manager of Qorvo’s High Performance Solutions (HPS) business, said: “This best-in-class BAW filter is available immediately, allowing our customers to quickly roll out Band 41 band 5G easily and cost-effectively; this is also Qorvo Committed to supporting n41 and other global 5G standards (such as n77, n78 and n79) another example.” Dan McNamara, principal analyst at Mobile Experts, Inc. said: “Filtering has always been a key element of RF design in crowded spectrum, but it is particularly challenging due to Band 41’s wide bandwidth and its proximity to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. High-performance filters with low insertion loss and steep band edges are required to allow the coexistence of 5G and Wi-Fi cellular operating frequency bands.” QPQ1298 BAW filter has been mass-produced, and has the following functions: n41: n41: 160 MHz bandwidth High out-of-band attenuation and low insertion loss, combined with excellent Wi-Fi suppression Compact surface mount design: 2.00 x 1.60 x 0.73 mm Comply with RoHS standard, lead-free process The global deployment of 5G networks has driven the demand for Qorvo’s high-performance RF solutions, including GaN high-power amplifiers and GaAs front-end modules (FEM). Qorvo’s 5G product portfolio brings the efficiency, reliability and compact size required by base station manufacturers and network operators to increase capacity and expand coverage; it also provides a complete solution for new 5G smartphones, including low frequency bands, Mid-to-high-end and ultra-high frequency FEM, as well as transceiver modules and antenna control solutions, resulting in innovative design, enhanced performance, and shorter time to market. About Qorvo Qorvo (Nasdaq: QRVO) has long insisted on providing innovative RF solutions to achieve a better connected world. We combine products and leading technology advantages, system-level expertise and global manufacturing scale to quickly solve customers’ most complex technical problems. Qorvo serves the global market, including advanced wireless equipment, wired and wireless networks, and air defense radar and communication systems. We continue to maintain a leading edge in these areas of rapid development and growth. We also use our unique competitive advantages to advance 5G networks, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and other emerging application markets to realize the global interconnection of people, places and things. Visit to learn how Qorvo creates a better connected world. Qorvo is a registered trademark of Qorvo Corporation in the United States and other regions.

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