• wide brand
    Ultra Wide Band
    Klystron, Traveling-wave tube (including Space travel­ing-wave tube) ..
  • amplifier
    UltimateL Sources
    Magnetron, Microwave Triode, Tetrode, Gas discharge switch tube,
  • amplifier
    High quality
    Thyratron, Trigatron, Micro-wave Power Amplifier and MPM, Accelerating tube

With Ceramics1

Ceramics products

Traveling Wave Tube(TWT)6

C/X/Ku-Band Broadband 25-100W Helix TWT Millimeter Wave mini-TWT Broadband CW Helix TWT


Torque wrench: FT0013SS FT0014SS FT0015SS FT0020SS FT0021SS FT0022SS FT0023SS FT0024SS Tools

Test Cable Assembies3



Antenna Switches

Space TWT8

Space Traveling Wave Tube, L Band Space TWT, S Band Space TWT, Ku-Band Space TWT(RC), K/Ka-Band Space TWT, Q/V Band Space TWT, Pulsed Space TWT, Microwave Power Modules (MPM) and Amplifiers

RF Coaxial Cable8

FSA 460 520 630 FSB 220 360 500 800 1200 FSC 160 280 400 FSD 086-TM/TP 120-TM-TP 141-TM/TP 047A-TM/TP FSE 330-PU 500-PU 800-PU FSF 280 350 500 750 1550L-AL FSG 400 600 850 FSH 250 250-L 260-L 360

Precision Connector6

1.0mm RF Connector 2.4 mm RF Connector Blind Mate RF Connector SMP RF Connector SMA RF Connector RF Coaxial Connector

Precision Adapters1

Precision Adapters 1.0 series 1.85 series 2.4 series 2.92 series 3.5 series SMA series N series TNC series BMA series SBMA series SMP series

Power Divider series1

Power Divider series

Millimeter wave solid state power amplifier3

Model Frequency Output Power Gain Gain flatness Mhz W db db EWPA1826G-P20 18000-26500 20 43 士 3.5 EWPA1826G-P40 18000-26500 40 46 士 3.5 EWPA1826G-P80 18000-26500 80 49 士 3.5 EWPA1826G-P100 18000-26500 100 50 士 3.5 EWPA1826G-P200 18000-26500 200 53 士 3.5 EWPA1826G-P300 18000-26500 300 55 士 3.5

Microwave Power Modules (MPM) and Amplifiers3

6-18GHZ, 32-40GHZ, Microwave Power Amplifiers

Microwave Components1

Microwave Components for Accelerator

Magnetron &Thyratron4

S Band Magnetron, C Band Magnetron, X Band Magnetron, Thyratron

Low noise amplifier series1

Low noise amplifier series


C-Band 300kW Single Beam Klystron, Ka-Band 15kW Single Beam Klystron, S-Band lOOOkW Multi-Beam Klystron, X-Band lOOkW Multi-Beam Klystron, Ku-Band 20kW Multi-Beam Klystron, X-Band CW Klystron,C-Band Coaxial Magnetron,Ka-Band Coaxial Magnetron,

EMC equipment Level immunity test power amplifier3

EMC equipment level immunity test power amplifier Model frequency Output power EWPA9K100M-P1000 EWPA9K100M-P3500 9K-100M 9K-100M 1000w 3500w EWPA80M1G-P200 80M-1000M 200w EWPA80M1G-P500 80M-1000M 500w EWPA80M1G-P1000 80M-1000M 1000w EWPA012D5G-P100 1-2.5G 100w EWPA012D5G-P250 1-2.5G 250w EWPA0408G-P200 4-8G 250w EWPA0618G-P30 6-18G 30w EWPA0618G-P50 6-18G 50w EWPA0618G-P200 6-18G 200w EWPA1826G-P20 18-26.5 G 20w EWPA1826G-P40 18-26.5 G 40w EWPA2640G-P20 26.5-40G 20w EWPA2640G-P40 26.5-40G 40w Electromagnetic compatibility system - level immunity test amplifier EWPA0102G-P1000 1-2G 1000w EWPA0102G-P2000 1-2G 2000w EWPA0204G-P1000 2-4G 1000w EWPA0204G-P2000 2-4G 2000w EWPA0408G-P1000 4-8G 1000w EWPA0812G-P1000 8-12G 1000w Electromagnetic compatibility system - level immunity test amplifier Model Frequency Output Power Gain Gain flatness Mhz W db db EWPA0206G-P20 2000-6000 20 43 士 3 EWPA0206G-P50 2000-6000 50 47 士 3 EWPA0206G-P100 2000-6000 100 50 士 3 EWPA0206G-P200 2000-6000 200 53 士 3 EWPA0618G-P20 6000-18000 20 43 士 3 EWPA0618G-P50 6000-18000 50 47 士 3 EWPA0618G-P100 6000-18000 100 50 士 3 EWPA0618G-P200 6000-18000 200 53 士 3

Customized Solutions7

Flexline Duraline TVAC Space Pal Multi-port High power FPS

Coupled Cavity TWT4


Frequencies: C to Ku Band
Max Pulsed power: 120kW
Max Bandwidth: over 12%
Max Efficiency: 30%

Broadband solid-state power amplifier6

Broadband solid-state power amplifier