SMP RF Connector

SMP RF Connector is a subminiature push-in connector for applications up to 40 GHz. These connectors are easy to connect and disconnect because they can be pushed against each other to establish a connection and pulled apart to open the connection. They do not need to be tightened like most other connectors. They do not need to be tightened like most other connections. Coaxial wires or printed circuit boards are terminated with tiny SMP RF Connectors. Typically, they are sealed.

What Is SMP RF Connector?

High shielding, ultra-small interconnects known as SMP RF Connectors are frequently employed in high frequency, miniaturized coaxial modules and high data rates applications such as antennas, broadband installations, test and measurement, and quantum computing. Cdi developers helped to standardize the interface connectors that became the SMP RF Connectors as we know them today. The SMP RF Connectors are frequently employed in RF/microwave applications to permit dense packing…

Braking Systems Available for SMP Connectors

The brake is the amount of force needed to attach or disengage a smp rf connector. SMP connectors come in full-bore, restricted-bore, and smooth-bore braking systems, each with a distinct amount of engagement/disengagement forces. Both push-in and snap-in mating types are offered.

These connectors, which offer a link between pairs to account for radial and axial misalignment, are available for board-to-board systems using floating bullets.

Varied SMP RF Connector Detent Levels

SMP connectors get their name from how simple they are to use: To connect, installers need only push these plug-in connectors together. In addition to the push-on mating format, snap-on SMPs are also offered. Detent is the engagement/disengagement force required to make or break a connection. There are three different levels of detent.

Now that Focusimple’s SMP connectors are offered in a range of configurations, design engineers can enhance the complexity, performance, and form factors of their designs.

Focusimple’s SMP RF Connectors Product Description

The RoHS and REACH compliance is the main focus of Focusimple’s smp rf connector (subminiature push-on connector) product offerings. Coaxial subminiature push-on connectors, PCB mounts, unsealed and hermetically sealed terminals and shrouds are just a few of the configurations available in the smp rf connector category. Our smp rf connectors are among the over 40,000 RF products in our inventory and are produced to exact microwave and RF industry specifications.

Focusimple can assist users in developing comprehensive solutions for board-to-board and blind mating applications using the ideal combination of PCB mounting, cable mounting, and tandem adapters through a collaborative process. Users can choose the best option for their application needs while ensuring reliable connections in challenging, high-vibration environments thanks to options like smooth, limited motion, and full braking, available in four, six, and eight-port configurations. All of your smp rf connector needs can be met with excellent technical support and customer service. Contact us by phone or email.

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