In the past, carrier aggregation can only be achieved between devices of the same manufacturer, but 5G networks based on O-RAN may change this situation.

On September 30, 2020, Japanese operator NTT DOCOMO and equipment vendors Fujitsu and NEC announced the world’s first realization of carrier aggregation between 5G equipment from multiple vendors.

Specifically, based on the O-RAN open fronthaul specification, baseband units (DU) and radio units (RU) from NEC and Fujitsu are interconnected, and 3.7GHz and 4.5 are realized between the equipment provided by these two equipment vendors. 5G carrier aggregation in the GHz band.

The three parties believe that this is a milestone in the development of O-RAN and is of great significance to the promotion of O-RAN and 5G services.

NTT DOCOMO said that it will continue to cooperate with Fujitsu and NEC in depth in the future to commercialize 5G carrier aggregation services based on O-RAN as soon as possible.

2020年9月30日,日本运营商NTT DOCOMO与设备商富士通、NEC宣布全球首个实现了来自多厂商的5G设备之间的载波聚合。
NTT DOCOMO表示,未来将与富士通和NEC继续深度合作,以尽早商用基于O-RAN的5G载波聚合服务。

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