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The three major operators recently announced that they will stop the number of users in October. We have summarized them as follows: China Mobile Number of 5G (package) customers: 128,793 million; Number of 4G customers: 773784 million; Number of 2G customers (including 3G): 43.77 million; Total number of mobile business customers: 946344.4 million.






Wired broadband users: 207108 million. China Telecom 71.86 million 5G package users gradually; The total number of mobile users is 350.16 million; The number of wired broadband users is 157.77 million; The number of fixed-line telephone users is 108.19 million. China Unicom Number of 4G users: 268577 million; Number of mobile users: 309,034 million;

Number of fixed-line broadband users: 87.081 million; Number of fixed telephone users: 47.419 million. China Unicom still has not announced the number of 5G users. This number has always been a mystery. However, from the difference between the total number of users announced and the number of 4G users, we can trim only 40 million other users. These 40 million include 2G, 3G and 5G users, of which Unicom’s 2G is in the phase of exiting the network, and there are few users, but 3G network users still have shortcomings.

Therefore, the number of 5G users continuously announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. China Unicom’s current 5G users should not exceed 20 million. Overall, China Mobile’s 5G subscriber growth is still accelerating. But the overall number of mobile users: China Mobile has gradually reduced 3.071 million households this year; China Telecom gradually increased 14.16 million households this year; China Unicom has gradually reduced 9.441 million households this year. Data source: financial statements of the three major operators

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